Met Loyalty Hub maak je gebruik een zeer geavanceerd en uitgebreid platform. Begrijpelijk dat je graag meer wilt weten over enkele functionaliteiten. Bekijk hier onder andere hoe je een campagne aanmaakt, de resultaten kunt meten en hoe je je contacten kunt onderhouden. Vragen? Stuur ons gewoon een mailtje.

Create Campaign

Here we show you how to create your campaigns in 3 easy steps with no coding skills required, just drag ‘n drop widgets, customize & save.


Find out how to distribute your dynamic campaigns through multiple channels and edit them in real time. Compatibility guaranteed for every smartphone and OS in market.


This video explains how to create a dashboard where you configure an overview that is relevant to you. You see changes in visits and user behavior in real time and can of course drill down to access more detailed information.

Contact Management

This video is about managing your contacts. Group and filter out the right target segment, add different groups and so on.

Upload contacts from e-mail

This is how you can upload contacts from e-mail. Step by step.

Upload contacts from file

This video shows you how to upload contacts from file.